So I've decided that I want to invest in some new pickups. I've had good experience with DiMarzio in the past, so I'm going to stick with them.

I've decided that for the bridge pickup, I'm probably going to buy an Evo 2. Now, for the bridge, I'm not so sure...I don't really want to get an Evolution, and I hear that the Tone Zone is made specifically for the bridge position, so I'm sort of afraid to stick it in the neck. Can anyone suggest a neck pickup that would be "compatible" with either an Evo2 or Tone Zone in the bridge?
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well what types of music???

This is all about tone quality. I can work with my amp and the volume to suit my needs for the type of music.
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Breed in the neck mate.
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Breed in the neck mate.

you're a big fan of breed i can tell.
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you're a big fan of breed i can tell.

breeds are awesome, and as for the random dimarzio suggestion... evo?
im pretty sure paul gilbert has paf pros, or at least his signature does, therefore they must be good
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