does anybody know if i could cut a hole in my Bass head that's not perfectly circular? like maybe a design of Jack Skellington to match my guitar? i was just wondering, cus im thinking bout cutting a hole in it to make it sound different, and it would be cool to have Jack on my Drums.
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I guess it doesn't matter but I'm not sure...my drummer has a small circular hole cut in his bass head.
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Good luck cutting it, the whole head is going to just rip very easily once you put any kind of tear into it. The ones that come with a cut out circle usually were made with a tight ring on the edges to keep it from doing so.

If you did get it to somehow work, the design would probably only have very minor effects on the sound if it was somewhat small. If it covered most of the head, then it would sound quite different. (That being said, some people have 8-12" circles in diameter removed out of their bass drum to make it sound more "open".)

The holes don't really affect the sound much, hell, my drummer took his whole head off one time and it didn't sound too much different. The holes are for putting a mic in.

And your head will probably rip if you cut a design into it.
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It wont work. As soon as you tune the drum head, it will tear.

What kind of music do you play?

If its punk, use a Jack skellington stencil and spray paint a "sloppy" tag. Much more unique I reckon. If you want a different sound, tune for more resonance or punch, add some different things inside the drum. Instead of pillows, use sand (seriously, just keep it in a container of sorts) or maybe get thicker/lighter batter heads for the bass.

So much you can do...
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if its much bigger than 6 inches youll lose most of youre resonance

if your going for design, paint it :S
Putting a hole in the head will make it less resonant. There will be less overtones since the vibration will go out of the bass drum instead of bouncing around inside between the two heads. As far as a circle vs Jack Skellington cutout, I don't think it'll be much different.
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thanks all! i think i may just paint it and tune it differently... i have some towels in there right now. i could tune the batter head down a bit too.

as for toms, would they ring out less if i took the Reso heads off? i just cant seem to tune them how i want.

as for what music i play, it varies for when i play drums or guitar or bass. mostly i like to play Metal, Rock, and Jazz. some occasional Punk and such... sometimes Classical(on guitar) when i get bored and need a challenge.

right now ive got a very odd mix of music im working on; ive got SlipKnoT's Purity for drums, The Used's Pretty Handsome Awkward for drums, Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes for guitar, and Johnny Cash's Hurt for guitar.
i plays the geetar, drums, and anything else you hand me
That hole is usually for miking the drum..

You could do it, but It will probably make the head rip/ or be very weak.
you could but it'd probably look pretty retarded, no offense. I play drums and I (along with every other drummer I know) just cuts a regular circle and it always works, why risk ruining a perfectly good drum head?
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as for toms, would they ring out less if i took the Reso heads off? i just cant seem to tune them how i want.

Put pieces of duct tape on your drum heads, it makes them sound 'Flatter". I think thats what you're going for.
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