I have this cheap Dean Markley 50Watt California amp, thats all I known about it. I have a cheap 50 dollar Danlectro Black Coffee Distortion Pedal. It is good but dear god the feedback. At first I heard that the pedal itself had bad feedback. It did, I thought. Until today.

I have never played this Dean Markley anywhere other than my room, my living room, and my science class during lunch and breaks during the school year. It has always had bad feedback and screaming, which was normal I thought cause the amp sucked.

I have summer school. So me and my friend bring our guitars to school today, and at the lunch when I normally leave, I stayed and we hooked our amps up outside a teachers class room(there was plugs outside), and I hook it all up. Normally I would have all the volumes low, and such, turn it on, and get ready to experience the insane feedback when I turn my level on my pedal up.

I turn it on, turn the level up, no feedback. Only my guitar strings buzzing slightly due to me bending down.

I play a quick riff, and mute at the end, then let go and I'm standing there, with NO SOUND at ALL, whatsoever, coming out of my amp.

I was amazed. I thought the amp not only had huge feedback, but made the guitar sound actually bad, but it was just the feedback. Without background buzz, it sounded so clean and amazingly good and crisp with good tone.

Now my question is, why the hell am I getting horrible feedback at my house and science class?

Is it the wattages or something???

What is going on.
Interference from tvs and computer monitors would be my guess. The amp, guitar, and pedal would all pick the interference up.
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bad wiring in the buildings and interference
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Like what kind of interference. Here is my setup.

Oh and first off, I live in a tiny house, I can't fix that.

My bedroom setup: I usually play in my bedroom sitting down, in my desk chair,, the amp about 2-3 feet away most of the time, below me, about the length of me being able to rest my feet when my legs are outstretched to the max pretty much.

It sits next to my desk, which is about...3-4 feet tall, normal desk size for a lowered Computer chair. On the desk lies a laptop, small Tv, 360, Wii, and underneath the desk is an unhooked PC monitor, PC brain, and keyboard, broken, I have nowhere to take it at this time. Sometimes I set my craptastic Fender amp next to it for playing clean, but thats it.

Now in my living room, I used to plug my dean markley directly into the wall, but I would actually be SHOCKED when i touched my guitar strings. I stopped that, I plug it into the surge thingy(long stick with 6-8 plug ins on it), and I get even WORSE feedback when it's plugged into that, even on the clean channel, though only slightly.

In my living room lies a TV, stereo, speakers, a computer across the room, a reciever under the Tv, a vcr, dvd player, and a crap load of VHS movies in the cupboards.

So tell me this.

If I was to purchase the 30Watt Line 6 Spider III amp which has a built in Noise Gate, would that stop feedback?

I enjoyed playing with no feedback, and I really can't stand to even PLAY my guitar at home after today. It sucks.