Hey guys, this is my first post and I wanna say Hey =D

Anyway, ive been playing for about 6 months and own two guitars. I bought one of the Epiphone Special II starter packs, and I enjoyed it so far. I wish I would of known about rondomusic.com back then, but thats a different story.

But the fret buzzing has been getting worse and worse. I wasnt really in the market for another guitar since I had recently bough a Yamaha F335 acoustic. So, I took to guitar center and got it set up. It sounds better, but the guy told me I have a very dry fret board and said I need to start applying lemon oil (Which I didn't even realize to do..).. But anyway, my fret board is very dry and had a slight warp. It was adjusted, but still is very dry. So, I have a couple questions.

1. How often should I apply lemon oil to the guitar?
2. How much do I put on?
3. Is the neck dry-ness fixable or did I just mess up me guitar? Hopefully it is.

I also have another question, can anyone recomend some strings for my Yamaha F335? Im assuming some martin strings would work well, but any suggestions? Its brand new, and should I apply some oil on it as soon as I got it or wait some time?
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you should get a new guitar instead of spending so much time with this one.
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Ya I meant fret board.. not neck.. CHanged that my bad

I mean... I don't really want to get another guitar. I mean, it still sounds alright for a beginner. I really dont want to invest more into another guitar for atleast another year or two.
I use this uh...What is it...Yeah, it's this Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes fret conditioner. It's the best, man. I'll assume you have a rosewood fingerboard, also. All you do is wipe the fret board down, let it dry for a few minutes, and buff your actual frets (the silver things), and it makes it SO much smoother to play. As for strings, is it a classical? Or a plan acoustic?

EDIT: Also, forgot to say hi
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in all seriousness i heard lemon oil can be bad for the fretboard. i suggest the dunlop cleaning/careing kit. there is a fretboard conditioner that can be of use
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Apply lemon oil,and no it won't hurt the guitar.
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Aah.. great help =D I didnt know it dried out the wood... Ill order a conditioner now, thanks =D