Hey guys.

I'm using (or attempting to use)audacity right now to record something. I'm going from the direct out of my Spider straight to the line in port. I've got all the settings working... to a certain extent.

I've got the input set to Line In, but when I hit record, lo and behold, it's not recording anything. Now I know I have my line in working, because I can hear the sound of my amp coming out through my speakers, and at a good volume.

Can anyone help me with this?
Could you elaborate a bit? :P
I'm kinda new to this stuff... I'm used to using garageband at my friend's but I do want a recording setup at my own place.
On a side note, it does work with the mic input - but the sound is fuzzy and it has quite the latency... the line input on the other hand, i can hear, has no latency at all.

EDIT: Alright, somehow, it's working now...
Thanks man for all your help.

It records now, but now it's recording what's coming from the speakers with it.
So when I've got the Line In selected, it doesn't record anything, and as a test, I tried the Stereo Mix setting. That records the guitar, but the sounds from the speakers, too.
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Oh, man, this is getting really stupid. Sorry for the triple post.
I've got it working to a certain extent, but now it's not even audible. I know it's recording, because i see the audio levels SLIGHTLY changing... But it's not even close to being heard.

Is it because the levels just aren't high enough?
Because through the speakers, the volume is fine.. it's only the recording where it's quiet.
I've only got two options - Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
and the AC97 driver.
Would it be the first one?

EDIT: Tried the first one. No luck.
hmm this is puzzleing normally it will pick up ur thing that ur running through hense making it less lagging and better quality, try a different software as audacity although free isnt the best freeby out there
I've tried other ones, too... same diff.
Lol, I can try recording from the stereo mix setting... that picks up everything else running through the speakers but i think I can bear it until I get a direct box of some sort like the toneport.

Thanks for all your help man - if you get this figured out, gimme a shout.
If it's picking stuff up and your going Direct In but it's really quiet then you may need a preamp.
That's what I was thinking... but I also thought the Spider would act as the preamp? I'm not really good with this stuff, so you're probably right. :P