It's really annoying, it's only on the high strings on the high frets really, but still I play up there a lot so it makes me kinda mad. How do I stop the noise?

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ya mine does that too. i found it only does it with certain picks, so if you havent already try using a different kind
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Try using a thinner pick and less gain on you amp. That's what I did and it reduced these source of annoyance.
Don't pick over the pickup, but you'll never get rid of it completely unless you use a felt pick or something.
You can't really get rid of it, but to reduce it, you can try using the very tip of your pick, higher gauge strings, less gain, less treble, more bass and such, but there's nothing you can really do it entirely get rid of it.
uhhh... ure title is very misleading and makes you sound like a noob, cuz isnt thats what suppose to happen?
But i do know what ure talkin about. You should try different picks I.E. sizes, thikness, etc.
Unles its technique, which is unlikely. Can u describe it? Maybe ure getting a pinch harmonic on accident or somethinggg.(doubt that too though)
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You can also fix the problem with your left hand, too. If you fret the note a bit more gently, kind of finesse it, it helps the problem.

That's harder to do though and is something you have to develop.
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i like that sound... it makes me feel like the guitar has more power

That's the spirit!

I actually use it a lot in my playing. I use the little "twang" of the pick hitting the string to accent certain notes, but I mostly play blues so I know it only works for that.

Otherwise, try using jazz picks. I use Dunlop Jazz III's occasionally when I want to reduce pick noise (and a warmer sound), and it works pretty well.

On the other hand, I also use Dunlop Tortex Sharps when I want to accent pick noise.

I think picks have a pretty big impact on tone and sound, and they're really cheap so don't be afraid to experiment with all kinds of different picks.
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I personally like that sound - It gives me an almost raw sounding tone.
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i like that sound... it makes me feel like the guitar has more power

Me agrees. Me agrees!

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Yes pic does have a big impact on the sound you're producing. Try usubg Herdim pics.
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slow down on the treble?
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If you move your pickups away from the strings it should help a little. If moving the pickups further away makes them too weak then you could get heavier strings to drive the pickups more.
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Finger pick.

All the time.

Every style.


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Finger pick.

All the time.

Every style.


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In addition to the people above, I love it too. It's ace for playing blues and stuff.

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