My friend is being emo and cutting herself. I want her to stop but if i tell her to stop i don't really think she'll listen. To me it's just a want of attention or maybe a cry for help. but everything been going good in her life. It's probably just a phase she is only 14 but still. it needs to end.

talk to her and see why she is acting that way. maybe she just needs someone to talk to.
tell her she should be using that knife in the kitchen!

*sorry, had to do it *
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Tell her that you care about her and are there for her if she needs to talk.
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have sex with her
i say Of
you say A
i say Revolution
and you say jah

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take the razor and make a deep cut in her leg and say "do still wanna cut yourself up"
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Tell her that you care about her and are there for her if she needs to talk.

Then do it
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have sex with her

He said he wants her to STOP cutting herself.
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Hit her.

But seriously,

hit her.

I laughed, hard.


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Give her a piece of your mind or penis.
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