Today at a camp where I work someone started up this wierd game where they point at people and go bam bam bam, the would either point at everybody or one person or himself on one person like six times just shoot once or shoot like 15 times, anyway then they would ask who did I kill and it would be sombody completely irrevelant to what they where shooting at, it's kind of confusing to explain over the computer but does anyone know the trick to figuring out who he killed, I'm sure if you've seen this riddle youll understand what im talking about but if not it'ss sound really confusiong, and i doubt ill get a good response.
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
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The answer is clearly nobody cause he didn't have an actual gun

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soooo....whats the riddle?
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its not nobody
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
I understood atleast 30% of that! He killed everyone but noone and noone went to heaven because the shooter is an atheist but a satan worshipper he sings pop and rock at the same time but not rap and he watches Oprah AND Dr. Phil but his real name is Dr. Phillip unless he goes to France then it is Dr. Phillipe. So you tell me who he shot!
This game was popular at my school...if it's what I'm thinking of.
The person that is 'killed' is the first person who speaks after the 'killer' asks "Who did I kill?".