As you can see in the pics the stop bar on my LP copy is on an angle. When i changed the strings i noticed the pegs where a bit lose so i wrapped some masking tape around them and put them back in. Also my bridge wont go lower but the action is still to low, how do i fix this.

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try putting some gorilla glue or something under that post
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The holes for the sleeves are wallowed out so they arent going to stay very well. Maybe some epoxy then put the sleeves back in course they wont be easy to get out if you ever wanted to. And what do you mean the action is TO low but wont go any lower? Do you mean its to high and the bridge wont go any lower maybe. If its a set neck and the the actions high and the bridge is as low as it will go not a whole lot you can do without recessing the bridge. If its a bolt neck the neck can be shimmed to give more angle and get the bridge off the body.