I couldnt find a thread on them, so whos heard of them and if youve heard there new album whatd you think about it?
I honestly didn't even know they had a new album. I have A Passage in Time, and it's got some great songs on it. Over Seasons and Everyday are the best. Pretty good band.
yeah it came out last year...anyway there new cds got some good songs on it like sirens and no regrets, really its nothing like there first two albums
I remember them hanging around warped tour like 2 years ago...they're friggin hilarious.
I've got a couple songs off their new album, they are ok, A passage in Time is their best album IMO.
i love these guys, they're a very cool band
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I really like this band. I have all of their cds, but their first was definitely the best. I'm not the biggest fan of the new one, but it's alright. I love the hook of the singer's voice in over seasons. That whole album is one of my favorites to listen to straight through and like all of the songs. Very few bands have come out with such a solid album I think.
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Theres usually a thread about these guys every now and then here. I always have to chime in and say I played a show at House of Blues with them. And our fans and our friends bands who opened for them and their fans all left during their set and basically took the entire House of Blues crowd back to party with us leaving them with an empty floor.

I hated their set.