The first part has potential (meaning I like the guitar line but in needs drums/other backing parts) However, WAYYY too much distortion for my taste, especially going from the extremely clean tone. I did like the muted distorted part, just not the first instant change. But it has potential, simple but nice.
the quality is really bad, had i recorded directly to my comp i don't think the distortion would've sounded like too much. yeah i like the muted distorted part as well. thanks for the constructive criticism.
I'd have to agree with the other posters. It's got some potential, and for playing for only 9 months it's cool you even attempt to record it. Alot of people would be too self concious. But yeah, the distortion change is way too abrupt, and the distortion itself is way too much. Plus the guitar is out of tune. Just make it a point to tune your guitar every time you play and every time you plan to record something, and that won't happen. Once you have been playing a little longer you'll notice things like that a little easier. Good job on the melody though.

Keep it up!!


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