Well I have decided i finally would like to have a go at trading away or selling my B.C. Rich Mocking Bird off completely. It really is a great guitar, the cosmetics were what hooked me on it the most. But when it comes down to it i dont find myself wanting to play it much, even more so now that i have my eyes set on getting a strat.

The specs as per Musician's Friend: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/B.C.-Rich-Mockingbird-Special-X-Electric-Guitar?sku=512708

My guitar is the charcoal-gray color, or ghost black as musician's friend has it listed.

Well like i said, i am interested in selling this guitar outright for 400-500$, i have owned it for just over a year, it is mint condition with no scratches/notches i know of. Aside from selling it i am also interested in trading it for a Fender Stratocaster of some kind in a similar brand new price range. (i do not mean a brand new guitar but one with a similar value) I may also consider other gear offers as well, just reply here or send me a pm.

Thanks for looking and I hope someday this guitar might find a good new home

(P.S. - I will be uploading pictures of MY personal guitar shortly, camera is giving me fits.)
Bump - Im in Ohio, US - If the guitar is bought i will include the shipping in the buy price depending on where you live.

If it's to the UK or something, you will probably have to pay shipping :P