Hello, boys and girls.
This is a 2 part question.

What and who are good usually correct,
(and hopefully easy for beginners, but not necessary),
Tab book writers and publishers,
Mainly dealing with Rock like, Van Halen, Ac/Dc, Zep, Rush, even Journey,
Tom Petty, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Etc, Etc., you know 70's, 80's Rock.

I mainly come across, Alfred Publiushing, and Hal leonard.

(2) is there a such thing as "Official" from the band or writer Tabs" ?
Like written by Say, Eddie Van Halen, or whoever, or atleast Eddie showed someone
and they Tabbed it for him / them (haha!) ?
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Yeah Hal Leonard are the most trusted and probably the best name in tab publishing. Very few bands write tabs, infact the only two I can think of at the moment that have written tabs for their own songs are AFI and Thomas Leeb.
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I know you can get an official Alaska tab book by Between The Buried And Me... You should check that out :]
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There's 3 Between the Buried and Me tab books.

Alaska and Colors for bass, and Colors for guitar.
Awakening The Revenant
Deathcore side project: Malevolent

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I have a tab book published by Alfred call Van Halen A to Z which has all VH songs but one (Your No Good, On Van Halen II (for some sort of copyright reasons)), and from everything that I have learned out of it, it all sounds very accurate. Also I have a ZZtop book that is Hal Leonard and everything that I have learned from that seems accurate to, so I say that they are both great.
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