Who here loves roller coasters?

I love em.

What about the future of roller coasters? What will they be? 1000 ft tall ones that go underground? rocket powered? Indian roller coasters?
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i live in tampa.. sheekra.. crazy stuff
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Yeah the Griffin is insane, my cousin blacked out on it.
230 ft. vertical drop, awesome.
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I don't mind heights at all, or high speeds, or being upside down, but I just cannot ride a roller coaster with loops. I dunno why. I love the old fast rickety wooden coasters, though!
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I'm extremely afraid of heights. But I love them because of it. MY fear gives an extra thrill =)
Ever been to Kings Island in Ohio? They have this new thing where you laydown into the seat and it faces you toward the ground. I about peed myself.
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i live in tampa.. sheekra.. crazy stuff

I live in Tampa...and i was also born in 1991....crazy stuff.
I wanted to see a guitar that looked like a rollercoaster.
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That made no sense....

The guitar part.

What are you talking a bout.
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What's a guitar rollercoaster?

The one with Aerosmith in Disney World.
Guitar roller coaster=A roller coaster in which there's a brutal song playing, and what happens during the ride is sync'd with the music.

Seriously, that'd rock.*Waits for solo*
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Yeah the Griffin is insane, my cousin blacked out on it.
230 ft. vertical drop, awesome.
Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg? If so, that drop's only 130 feet. I want to go back to that park. Alpengeist is freaking awesome.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is cool. Great theming. The launch is a little tame though, but then again everything seems a little tame after all those rides on Kingda Ka
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