Hey everyone,

I don't post here much, but I've been browsing for some time. Anyway, I've been playing the bass for a little less than 1 year now, and studying music theory on my own for about 6 months. Yesterday was the first time I've ever attempted to write something original though (except for the occasional times I would make up a simple groove when I was bored, although I don't do that much).

I tried making my first song pretty progressive and more on the heavy side... my main influences are Dream Theater and Rush, along with several other bands. There's a few things I could see wrong with my song, like the fact that the first riff sounds similar to the song This Dying Soul by DT (which was completely unintentional). I'm gonna stop ranting about my own song now and let you be the judge of it, here's a guitar pro 5 file for it:


BTW, it's not finished yet. I still have plenty to add (guitar solo, etc).

Thanks for any input!