So my birthday has rolled around and the rents are willing to help me make a small payment on anything....i chose a new amp but im down for any good ideas. ill give u my price range and all that but heres what i use currently. Schecter C1+, Crate 15 watt, CryBaby wah and Boss loopstation. Now heres the problem as you may have geussed; the crate 15 watt doesnt mix well when using a loop pedal (especially for distortion) ... however i do get real nice pinch harmonics out of it! also, i do like my crate and found a nice rock sound when turn bass all the way up and mid to 0 and treb to max ( suprisingly nice sound) anyways: my price range is anywhere from $0-350/400 but i would really prefer not to venture into the 400 area...

so far ive looked at Vox Valetronix and the XL(no blues so no thanks i think), the spiders(.................) , marshall mdg100 or whatever, line6 212 valve and line 6 flextone. dad has also said he can get a nice deal on a peavy 120 watt but i heard bad things about clean bluesy peavy sound.

I play all kinds a music and would always want to be able to jam with anyone (even though it may be hard on a schecter..that can be fixed). Im just lookin for some direction in a great amp with decent or better tone(goodbye spider, right?) that can do it all. effects are nice and i would like to have them so maybe line6 212 or flex, but i could live without. im not a crazed tone junkie but i also dont want that garbage 100%digital sound. ok you get the picture sorry for the wall of text but ive been researching like crazy and im indecisive- so its on you now! lead me in the right direction!

sounds i like: angus/mayer/dimebag/rhoads/slash/paisley ina nutshell
For that sort of versatility I think a flextone would be a good idea, but for 350-400 I think you'd have to go used/scratch and dent and maybe look into the II instead of the III.
i'm not sure what else your Dad can get a hold of but maybe check a Peavey Classic 30 used or Valveking 112 new.

*flame block*

not sure exactly what type of music you are into. Classic will give you more cleans and classic rock where a Valveking would give you more gain and metal - for the money.

OR a Line 6....or others
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nice rock sound when turn bass all the way up and mid to 0 and treb to max

look for a blackheart or epiphone tube combo and please dont ever set your amp like that
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Mids on 0?!?! Event the most br00talz players have SOME mids.


Check out a used Classic 30 or blues junior.

Actually I've found I like that sound with my Crate 15 watt too. It doesn't totally scoop the mids though from what I can hear. I think the EQ controls on the digital Crates have a fairly small range of effect. Cranking to max or lowering them to 0 has a noticeable difference, but not as extreme as you'd expect it to.