Well I've spent the past 1-2 weeks learning chords because I wasn't so good at them. I learned Barre chords, some triads, and I can play power chords pretty much perfectly now.

So now what?

I was thinking maybe I should learn some scales. The only scales I really know are minor pentatonic and C major, D major, etc. What scales should I be working on? And anything else I should be working on?
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well, if you've mastered power chords you could always start a punk band...

...but yeah, you can start learning the modes I suppose. I didn't learn theory for years, I just started learning simple songs and working my way to harder ones, so never discount that method either.
Yep, I don't think the modes is a good topic to go over for a beginner unless you want to confuse yourself. With scales you can memorize the major scale and pentatonic scale positions and build your technique by doing sequences of each pattern. If your looking to get a bit more serious, you could also learn some of the theory behind the scales your learning and start to be able to put everything into context while playing along with cds and backing tracks.
Avoid modes. Learn chord construction; playing them is nice but knowing how to create them on the spot at any place on the neck is much more helpful.
So anything else besides playing the major scales? I'm looking to find a new scale to work on.
PM me if you want to talk about the Red Hot Chili Peppers or hip-hop.