So I play bass guitar in this a marching band (no joke) and we just started our summer season a few weeks ago. Last winter we got snowed on during the Christmas parade and now the bridge on the bass is rusted. I'm wondering if there's any kind of bridge that's made of something that won't rust. It's a P-bass if that helps.
i would say just always make sure you take care of the instrument AFTER it gets wet and stuff.. wipe it down, clean it, polish it.. don't put it away to rust
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Well I assume most bridges aren't designed to be rust proof. Are you using a stock MIM Fender. Replace it with a BAII or BAIII perhaps. Even then, your instrument shouldn't rust. lol
Definately do what FightinIrishPJ suggested. I have heard of coating bridges in a clear coat of varnish or polyurethane which will keep moisture out. I had an Ibanez destroyer bass which had a brass bridge that was coated in this way and when it started flaking off I took it to a guitar shop to find out what could be done and I was told why they are coated and basically it could just be sanded down and re-coated if I liked.
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what about those guard things you used to get over the bridge - I realise there not waterproof or anything, but they might give a bit of protection.