For God and Country

Anarchy: the base of your own democracy
Is the capitalist, totalitarian agenda
For the commute was lost and nobody is free
Society: the concentration camp for its believers
Births the fascist fault of cultural ideology
Never shall we bow to those whom say they lead

Innocence is lost as the masses again plead ignorance
To the crimes committed in their names
The blood never to wash off our children’s hands as they fight
For our ideals and die for our mistakes

And forever the sheep will guide us forth
To the path where we’ll forever speak his name
To live off of the hypocrisy of our beliefs
And commit the sins that reflect our faith

We must learn to find faith within ourselves
We must gain the strength to see a better way
And never shall we follow those that say they lead

Rebellion: the essence of damnating compliancy
Is the hypocritical intent of this new world order
For a binary contradiction yields both sides the same
Conform to nothing other than what you believe
You may never follow, but nor will you ever lead

And when we have healed this arbitrary affliction
Will it mean that man is finally free?
Or is it the chains we’ll choose?

Written By Luke Colin Griffiths
I don't see any rhymes but it's still a good song. You have a great vocabulary, those are great deep words (if you used a dictionary, dont mind that compliment). I love how your lyrics describe society today. I suggest you sing this like RATM (rap rock) or Metal, this doesn't sound good in a soft or modern rock beat/melody.

C4C pls.
Haha, no dictionary used, and yes, the lyrics were written for a thrashy progressive metal song, so I think they fit the context.
Excellent choice of words, my friend.

Is it wrong I imagined Mustaine snarling these out?
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Very well written. It has a pissed off demeanor to it, and I could just imagine these being growled into a microphone while there was something heavy in the background. Very empowering lyrics. Good job.
they are very meaningful.
great choice of words, blah blah said before^^^

i think u just need to simplify them a little. Having too many 'complicated' words in one line or phrase can make it disjointed and sometimes a little contrived.
the ideas are great, i very much agree with many of your viewpoints.
overall- some good political, angry, '**** u i wont do what ya tell me', RATM lyrics
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Haha, yeah, there are alot of big words, but I didn't spend my time going, "need to fit another word in their."

I just wrote down what came into my head, and honestly I don't know how I could take away some of those words and keep the same meaning, because alot of what I am saying within those words is specific to their cultural and semiotic contexts.