~Short Solo Intro~

Verse 1
alarm clocks buzzin,
its half past 5'
gotta get my boots on,
start the day off right
get in my old rusty pickup
head down that old dusty road
same old road i see everyday

everybodys got their own routine,
never change, never say a thing,
carry them selfs on well
when your all alone,
today is just another day without you home.

~Medium Solo~

Verse 2
people say im kinda shy,
dont get out much
just try to hold my head high
got u by my side
when the day has ended
and your back at home
your memory starts clouding up my mind


~Long Solo~

Verse 3
moving easy
for where you are
ill try to close my eyes
laying in the dark
the brightness of ur smile
keeps me wondering
why i let u take a midnight stroll


~Short Solo~

(softly) (music lowers)
alarm clock buzzing
half past five...

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