Hey there,

This may be a silly question and I may risk looking ridicules but...

When you hook a wah pedal to an amp....does it modulate the clean sound or does it have a built in effect that gets added into the mix?

Also I was looking at a couple dunlop wahs online....I noticed the distorted sound can be modulated with the wah...does that only occur when you put a distortion before the wah on your pedal board?

Any help is appreciated....I always come here to ask questions so thank you in aiding me in my quest for knowledge.
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Hi man

Dojn;t own a wah myself, but as I understand it they modulate celan and distortion channels, the degree of modulation depending on how fatr you depress your foot, if you don;t ouch it it doesn't do it.

Not sure about the other question, but I think that it wil still work if put beofre the dirstortion pedal, but makes the sound more trebly or something, I believe that Jimmy Page hooked the wah before the distrotion pedal but I'm not 100% on that one.

Hope that helps until someone who knows a bit more (owns one ) comes along.
If you're using a distortion pedal, the wah will modulate it no matter where either are in the pedal chain. It might sound better depending on where they are.
Its all about your order of effects. If you have a distortion and a wah pedal it goes like this:

In this case the distorted sound will be modulated

In this case the modulated sound will be distorted.

Think carefully about your effects chain and what sounds you want to produce. Think, would it be better for YOUR style to have your effects in a FX loop instead? If you're not sure what will happen change things around and have a listen. Experiment
yea... like guy said....

assuming you dont have a distortion pedal. and going directly from your guitar to wah to amp, think about it. its going to be adjusting the signal from your guitar, which is very small...

but if you have it after a distortion, which clips the signal your going to be changing the tone (treble and bass in this case) of the already clipped signal
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