Hi there Ultimate Guitar.

I bought an Ibanez S520 recently and I find that if the back plate that covers the electronics and such moves up against me, like slides along my clothing or whatever as I'm playing, the guitar gives off a pretty big scratching and crackling noise.

Is that just a side effect of S body guitars or something? Or could there possibly be something off about the wiring?
Sounds like grounding issues for me. Can you record the thing and give us a sound sample?

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Okay, so before recording I decided to take the back plate off and have a look around. (Which is very brave of me because I have nooo idea when it comes to electronics)

After a bit of bending and fiddling, it appears that one of the pins was actually contacting the foil coating on the back plate, which essentially turned the back plate in to a sort of pickup.

All is well now

On another note, there was a hair in with my electronics, imported with the guitar from the Ibanez factory no doubt. haha