I'm selling an Ibanez RG 350 EX with a custom floyd rose put in it, just had a fret job and the neck refinished.

Also I'm selling a Washburn RS-980 with the same brand of floyd rose put in it as the Ibanez

The Washburn works perfect but as I have recently won a contest I have 1500 dollars in the bank and want to upgrade my gear so I won't be needing them anymore

Both are for 500$ not really up for discussion :P

shipping depends on where you are and I will post pics if you are interested

my e-mail is washburn1342@hotmail.com

The Ibanez has minor scuffs and scratches

Washburn has quite a few dings and dents its something like 10 years old

If anyones interested I'm also selling a Zoom G7.1ut for 350$$
The Specs on the Ibanez are as follows :

Wizard II neck

3pc. maple neck material

Basswood body

24 jumbo frets

Bound rosewood finger board

String Through Licensed Floyd Rose

IBZ INF3 (H) neck PU

IBZ INFS3 (S) mid PU

IBZ INF4 (H) bridge PU

Sharktooth inlay
Quote by novicerocker
Can you post pics so I can see them please.

will do soon give me a bit to take a couple photos
Specs on the washburn as as follows :

* Soft maple body


* Neck scale 25 1/2" scale
* 24 Frets
* Maple neck material
* Rosewood fingerboard


* Stain natural neck


* strat+open type, Duncan HB103N/F, SC101M/M, HB103B/R

Has a string through licensed floyd rose as well

Has Strap locks, but if you want those I'll have to charge 30 extra
PM me your e-mail adress I'll e-mail you photos this won't let me upload any half decent ones
Host them on photobucket and then post the URL here. I'm interested in pcs of both too.
If your interested contact me about shipping info, I'm in Canada but I'll ship anywhere
I think I'll pass. The color of the Washburn's top doesn't look quite me thing. Free bump.

Theres a couple good photos thats exactly like mine

Mine is in Slightly worst condition.