Hey whats up dudes and dudettes...probably mostly dudes.

I just put up a new song called CLANK CLANK

I'm just throwing it out there to see what you all think!

Let me know if you have any comments/critcism about the production and playing.

This song is a little more on the Death Metal side.

Hope you all enjoy, thanks

Very cool man! The song is well named, but not in a bad way. It's got some really bitchen sounds. I personally love it. The guitar is just awsome, I loved the harmonized dual pick harmonics. Very creative IMO. Drums are very progressive and well done from what I heard through my little head phones.

Great Job!!

Take your pick:

Thanks a lot bro! Glad you picked up on the dual pinches!
I will definitely check out your stuff once I get by some reasonable speakers next week.
Thanks for listening dude