Yeah, i'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I'm wondering, I wanted to make my new guitar (wild cherry, satin finished) a little personal and I do design work so I thought that having a graphic on it would be amazing and quite reflective of its owner I'm thinking permanent markers would probably last through cleaning, but i'm just wondering, how much would it affect the tone of the guitar? I'm not entirely sure how the top would absorb the ink or how it would react with the satin finish. If any of you guys know the mechanics of that stuff I'd love to get a response from you
Wait kid! It's too dangerous! Seriously though, I wouldn't use a marker unless you want to seriously decrease the awesomeness of your axe. I'd take a Dremel to it before I'd use a marker.
Dude, you have to strip the satin finish off your guitar first and use the right paint to add any "good" details to it that fit you. Draw up some design and find a guitar detailer....You can usually ask the guys up at Guitar Center or wherever you go, and they'll tell you who you need to see....

Yeah, it'll cost maybe a couple hundred, but it'll cost you, too, if you f*ck up

Leave the detail work to a professional
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I don't know about markers, but if you want to add a personal look to your guitar, you could stick some stickers, don't think it affects the tone.
NEVER put stickers on your guitar. It looks so tacky... Find a good guitar detailer, or someone who can airbrush. There's plenty around, just google it.
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