I made this song maybe a week ago, basically just because I had just found out the harmonic minor phrygian dominant whatever, the files called mal because I thought it sounded kind of malmsteeny, but I dont like his guitar solos (cant play them either ha) so no crazy guitar solos, criticise please, and Ill try and crit yours. Tell me if you think it should be longer or whatever.
wow, that was amazing. One of the best seen out of the people here on UG, very malmsteen-like. I bet you would like the song evil-eye by him, its my favorite malmsteen. Great job on that song.
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Hot sh*t Batman! Not only are you a fan of Dune - you've been using my favourite scale =O

...I've always seen Malmsteen as a minor/harmonic minor guy myself, but yeah, this is the bestest scale. Ever.

I think this is some form of Hungarin minor scale, by the way?