I hate to use the term Epic, I really do.

Anyways, I've been feeling the itch to write something that sounds... apocalyptic, in a way. Take Coheed and Cambria's songs Welcome Home or The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut for example.

Any tips/advice?

Make use of Dynamics, go from loud parts to quiet parts. Think film-scores for example, they are always epic.

Edit: And a long solo, with lots of bending.
And lots of reverb.

Oh, does this apply to lyrics...

Also, I personally think In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 is much more epic than Welcome Home and The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut.
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try going from short sticato minor cords to a slow refrain in a frigian or dorian minor mode, or in non-nerd speak, go from bad-ass to "trippy"
try doing some sort of "epic" buildup where the tension or energy builds... yes? maybe? sorta?

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Also, I personally think In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 is much more epic than Welcome Home and The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut.

^i agree!

well of course its going to sound heavy. maybe change time sigs? in IKSSE 3 its in like 7/4 part if not all of the time i think. um maybe tune 1/2 step down? gives it a little more heavyness but not completely down-tuned and muddy. lyrics wise: BE CREATIVE. heavy lyrics are really hard to do because, 1:anyone can write about apocolyptic and typical heavy metal stuff BUT its the good ones that write in a creative way which makes it flow much better (aka just THINK and write CREATIVELY) 2:write it with meaning, even if it takes you a while to get the inspiration for the song, it will be well worth it. most of the time you can tell if a song was half hearted or just kind of thrown together.

as previously stated, contrast is good too! have clean more melodic/arpeggiated parts then bust out the heavy stuff and pinch harmonics and what not.

also as previously stated about modes: this is a good idea. being epic/heavy it will probably be in minor and probably natural minor at that. it would be a cool thing to switch between the natural minor key and that keys relative locrian mode.

anyway just ideas/suggestions but do what you like/think sounds best!!! cheers.
Quite a quagmire.

Just engage in nocturnal outings (preferably to the cemetery) and watch the news frequently. Also, don't shy away from a particularly vitriolic or acerbic tone. I often feel quite climactic when an authoritative voice booms down at me, reverberates and concatenates around the room like a bibliophile at a library.

Best of luck.
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just listen to lots of My Chemical Romance. Seriously.

Famous Last Words is one of the most epic songs I've ever heard, and I don't think MCR were even really trying that hard like most other bands seem to do.

this man speaks the truth. The Black Parade was an all around epic sounding album. listen to it.
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its hard but just think big sounds, a sweet sounding solo and big catchy words that repeat over and again. You'll get it.