What's up fellow guitarpeoples???

I have a Peavey JSX half stack. I'm currently running through a carvin 4x12 for live shows/practice. I bought it off this dude for 150 bucks. It sounds alright, but not quite enough bass response for my liking really.

I do really dig my amp's tone, but think it could probably be matched with a better cab when I can afford it.

I know a lot of metal players these days are going Vader these days...I haven't tried one, would love to HEAR about it if you have played through Vader cabs. And Bulb is playing through an Orange??

Anyway, I want your opinion on the best cab to match with my JSX head!
Thanks for looking.
I'm happy with the Traditional sized Mesa Stilleto 4x12 that I've been using with my JSX.
I also use a 400 watt Hughes & Kettner 4x12 that sounds really thick.

What are you looking for, soundwise, out of a new cab?
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I haven't played through a Carvin cab, but I think they generally put out good work. If someone can come in and verify that the cab is of decent quality, it may be cheaper to just replace speakers.
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Hey guys thanks a bunch for the replies!
I am a metal player and this amp and cab are super awesome at projecting mids and highs. I am just looking for a little more bass response out of my setup. (Might be able to solve this with a Sonic Maximizer) But, my friend has a Mesa cab. I'll plug my head up to that and give it a shot next week.

Any other suggestions are encouraged!

Again, thanks for the help guys!
I've heard Orange cabs are really, really good.

Listened to your band in your sig btw, Kongregation. Really good shizzle
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