Hi all,

I have a fender acoustic that a bought a while back and need some help with. The action seems high at the higher frets - the strings at 7mm off the fretboard at the 12th fret, but the action is fine at the lower frets. When I bought the guitar (2nd hand) I put new strings on, but didn't know the size of the original strings, so I may have inadvertantly put heavier/thicker strings on.

Ideally I'd like a lower action overall, but my question really is whether this is a truss rod adjustment, string change issue, or simply that the action is higher than I like?

The guitar is a steel-strung Fender with a strat style neck with Martin Lights (12-54). I picked up some Rotosound extra lights but haven't got round to putting them on yet.


truss rod or action. try lookig down the neck and see if it's straight. if not its ur truss rod. if the strings make a flt slope -not curved- slope towards the neck or action its ur action.
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Look down your neck from the top, holding the guitar. Check the ammount that the neck bends, it should have a rather slight forward bow.

If the neck is right, then its probably your action, in which case you'll need to take it in to get the bridge nut thing (i dont know what its called).
So I took the saddle out and sanded it down, replaced the strings for super-lights and the whole thing feels a million times better