Hey guys, this is a rough mix I just put up on my myspace, after I finish my HSC this year I'll be mastering all my tracks and putting together an EP called "Seasons Are Changing", and this is one of the 5 that'll be on there. It's an acoustic project, still developing what I want the sound to be but tell me what you think! I'm happy to crit in return. Cheers!


Incidentally, there's a cover of Nick Cave's "Into My Arms" on there aswell if you want to check that out...I didn't want to put it as a separate thread in cover recordings lol, but same rule applies i'll crit cover songs, lyrics, whatever.
Dude! Very nice song. One of the best accoustic songs I've heard on here so far. The playing was very nice and the chorus was very catchy. The girls should love it.
The only complaint I have is that the vocals are way too loud compared to the guitar. They are also too dry IMO. I think that if you used the same reverb FX that you used in the guitar it would sound much better. Other than that, this was a very nice song.

I listened to the other song, but I didn't like it as much. Your vocals are better in the higher register. The piano playing was good though.

Great Job dude.


Crit one of these if you have the time:

It's a little bit quite but as you said it's a rough mix so that could be sorted but the over all quality of the recordings is very good. You have a really nice voice and nice lyrics. Maybe a few extra instruments could be used to fill the space something a little bit more bass e.g. a piano.

Could you crit mine please
Thanks guys, your suggestions were helpful. In the final master those are things I'll be working on, you might have seen I mentioned on the myspace that I might be adding some more instruments to fill the sound out...and yes bringing the guitar out much more is also something I'll be doing. What does everyone think about the question of more instruments, I was thinking maybe adding some strings in the final choruses or something to give it more depth but I'm not so sure, maybe just a bass track would suffice...ideas?