Hi im after a gibson les paul, was thinking either the classic antique, or the standard... the main difference with these guitars is the pickups, The classic antique comes with a '57 classic' humbucker on the neck and a '57 classic plus' on the bridge. The standard has two Burstbucker pickups. so for a modern rock kind of sound which guitar would be better? thanks
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The Burstbucker is going to be hotter and better for modern music. Still isn't a great pup though... I'd suggest you save your self several hundred quid and get a rally LP instead. I got because I thought it would make a good test bed for my pickups. When I got it I found that it's construction, setup, tuners, bridge, pots, and body wood were all higher quality than a gibson and you can get them on ebay for about 180 quid.
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