Do you lot think that it's that great that I can now play November Rain when I've only been playing since last September?
Well, atm I can only play up to the second solo, but I'm working on the rest, and I hopefully will be able to learn it soon, but still.

Do you think I'm a fast learner?
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sounds good man!
ive been playing since last may...can only get up to the second solo on knockin on heavens door by GnR..but i keep trying

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Yeah, that's pretty decent progress. Though the first solo is easy bull****, really. It's more about getting the 'feel' and 'flow' of it right than anything. If you could do the second one by now, that'd be something. But yeah you're making good progress. Don't get arrogant though, what you're playing is by no means 'advanced' or anything. And that's even if you play it well. I've seen YouTube videos of kids doing the first November Rain solo, and while they play the right notes, their flow and feel is rubbish.
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It doesn't matter how well you play it's how you expressed it. Don't be a copycat.
Also depends on how much practice you've been doing, if you practice for 20mins twice a week then yeah you're great but if you're knockin' out 4-6hours a day for the last 9 mths, well....

You really want everyone to say, hey he's great, don't ya, eh???
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Quote by Brian_C
You really want everyone to say, hey he's great, don't ya, eh???

Everyone wants that at some point whether you want that or not (even before playing guitar..)