Hi guys. I order an ESP LTD EX50 yesterday from the internet. Today I noticed that in the shop that I ordered it from says that it has an LH-100 pickup set. In two other shops it says that it has an LH-150 set. Could it be possible that the same model has different pickup set type?
And what is the difference between LH-100 and LH-150?
Both suck worse than hell and are noisy too, do yourself some good and put seymour duncans into the explorer...
I couldn't ask for more out of my LH-100s for the price of my LTD M-50.

Since you ordered it yesterday I think you're gonna get a set of LH-150s because that's what it says on the ESP website right now.

Usually ESP put the LH-100s in the lower end models, like mine.

Edit: Actually, I don't think ESP use the LH-100s anymore at all...
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