My Band Izel's Spiral. Click here for the band page

We are playing in Milwaukee at the BBC this Saturday July 12 @ 10pm if anyone in the area wants to check out our intense live show.
My Gear
-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul
-Ibanez S470
-PRS SE Custom

Marshall TSL100
Marshall 1960a cab

Dunlop 535q wah
Visual Sound Liquid Chorus

Hey man!

Listened to both of the tracks, and it sounds awesome!
The songs are really good, the production and sound quality is great! It sounds very tight and powerful, filled with the attitude needed to pull this kinda play off! All members sound great with their thing, great guitar and lead work by you, btw!

I'm Impressed!
HEy man I really dig your stuff! Let me know if youll ever be in the Cincinnati/Dayton area I'll make sure to come out and see you!!

Plus you guys have a very good production. Everything sounds tight!

Keep it up
My main influence is Steve Harris, followed by Steve DiGiorgio
Check out my band Eyeshot at www.myspace.com/eyeshot1122
I play Bass and I'm damn proud of it.