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Epiphone les paul standard
11 48%
Fender mexican strat
12 52%
Voters: 23.
which 1 is better and epiphone les paul standard ($350) or a fender mexican strat ($450)? I tried both of them and liked both of them. which 1 should i buy!!!???

p.s. i play blues,rock,metal and sometimes some jazz.
go wth the les paul....
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get the strat, fenders bottom line is suprisingly good, playability isnt far off american standards and they sound great too, afew single coils would be great for the blues and jazz you'll be playing
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Epiphone Standards are mostly really bad guitars, I would reccomend you to buy Mexican Fender and if you really need a humbucker you can buy HSS configuration Stratocaster.

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Perhaps they are Jazz guitars, but they've been mostly used in Rock, by bands like Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses and Aerosmith.
I own both of these guitars and the Epiphone is exceptional compared to other Epis, but I'd say go for the MIM Strat any day. If you want a humbucker for heavier music like hard rock or metal you can get the HSS layout as has been mentioned and still get the epic single coil tone from the middle and neck. They're also much easier to mod if you ever plan on changing the wiring in the future, as drilling the scratchplate is less prone to cause massive damage than drilling through the guitar if you were to, say, add a switch.
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i say the strat because i really like strat necks but thats just me. if you get the strat id get it with a hss configuration if i were you seeing as how you like metal and maybe change the pup. even if you decide to get the epi i would probably change the bridge pickup to something more metal.