I recently posted about getting a new amp and i go some helpful feedback and have decided to go with a Roland Cube 60 as i could pretty much use it for anything, gigs (60 watt and it has an output for larger speakers) and many effects, plus it's very sturdy.

However, the guitar i was intending to getting was the Ibanez SA220FM which some of you might know is now out of production and many shops do not sell it anymore. Now i have come to a definate decision about what i want from my guitar and i have looked at the Sticky Thread about Guitars and Buying new ones in this section of the forum which was very helpful.

As i am a restarting player having played for a year before my old guitar was destroyed my reasons i dont dare say (too painful xP), i have been guitarless nearly a year; now i have the money!

2 Humbuckers (not too sure what brands are the best) at the Bridge and Neck because i like to play abit of Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Metal

Good wood, mahoghany or maple ect, just good wood.

Shape and colour are not a big issue although if i was to go by preference, anything Green =P

22 frets? I'm not the biggest shredder so a thin-ish neck with medium fret size, just medium really =P

Those are some specs that are needed, not too sure or what else; been a while xD. Price range is between £200-£300 (although if something is equally as good for my needs under £200, that is great too; i just doubt it =P) as i am going to be spending £150 on the amp, as i know that is vital.

Been mainly looking at some of the Ibanez ART & SA Guitars, are they any good?

Any help with this problem i would be so greatful! Thanks for reading, sorry it's abit long =/
If your just looking for a 2 humbucker guitar try the Ibanez SZR its a new model for this year and it plays like a dream and the pickups have a really nice tone to them. An SA would also be worth looking at but im not sure if theres a 2 humbucker model available this year apart from the high end one.
i hear nothing but good things about the ibanez art series that you mentioned
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i hear nothing but good things about the ibanez art series that you mentioned

Yeah so have i about the ART's, most reviews i have seen have nothing bad to say, any specific one that is better than the rest?
Just a quick question, is the Ibanez JTK 3 any good? I mean it looks interesting but is it actually any good? Some of the specs are ok but its just 2 single coils isn't it? =/
i have good wood

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definitely sexy. all washburn guitars are sexy
go used. see if you can find a used guitar like the one you want, used gear shops are all over teh internets.
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id reccomend some kind of jackson, ESP or epiphone, dont get an Ibanez if your not into shredding stuff, and their tone is ballsy enough for your style of music imo.
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