what do you think of this?


i got a gibson sg standard now. it'not that i am lazy, but its neck is killing me... it is really is too fat - i am dreading the first 5 frets. no matter how much i practise on them i never think my fingers are really stable. i have ordered a PRS with a thin neck but it's going to take months to arrive + i d' rather get rid of my sg as i doubt i will touch it after the PRS arrives. thinking about sellin it and buying this strat.


ps. do you think it looks too clinical or ageish?

ps2. do you think i am overreacting about the sg? i have been playing for 7 months and i practise every day!
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very very cool, i should of got this but i spent so much money on a damn amp lol, ive tried american fenders , there action is always perfect, i like the idea of putting a humbucker in a strat too. a bit better for rock, buy it
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Looks beautiful! Go play one and see how it feels.
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I think for a seven month player, you should have none of those guitars.

But seeing as you can't wait for your PRS to arrive. Go nuts - the MIA Deluxe HSS is a quality instrument.
I kinda agree with Tomaz24 here, but seeing as how it is probably gonna happen anyway . . .

I have an American made Deluxe Fender Fat Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position and it rocks. It rocks hard. Also, in terms of playability, I prefer a maple fretboard to rosewood. But that is probably a matter of personal preference.
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Agree with the above. I've got an American Standard HSS and just love it. Amazing variety of tones it will put out. Feels just wonderful to hold, stays in tune wonderfully, and is a joy to play.

Do it.