I am now really starting to hate my guitar - I have a Hohner 6-string "ST Special" - got it for cheap, but my high E strings keep breaking at the tuner spot. I have tried to sand the tuners edges to a more round edge but that didn't seem to fix it (or I didn't do it properly)

Any ideas?
Do you have locking tuners, or regular tuners? Perhaps it is just the way you are winding the string around the post? Other than that, I have no idea.
Regular tuners - I am using HB/ST by Ernie Ball.

I am guessing it's the way I wind it too - it just goes around in a spiral, I'm not locking the string at all.
could just be the angle of the headstock. Or perhaps friction in the nut is causing to much sting tention
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Well it breaks at the tuner... not the nut. When it breaks it's usually when I tune down (ironically) - haven't had it do while I tune up.