Doesnt really sound like either but thats the closest I can think of how to describe the sound. Please criticise (constructively) and even if it takes a while I will crit yours.
The midi sounds kind of retarded but I wrote it in guitar pro and thats life.

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To lazy to do proper crit, because it takes so long so no need for you to return crit.

I thought the start was very good, I really liked the acoustic part, and the distortion part didn't kill it, which was good.

But then bar 9, you went in and brought in, a very boring riff, and it sort of just degraded the song a bit. It wasn't bad, but obviously done a million times.

Bar 14, the lead guitar was pretty good, but what I liked most was the march styled drums. I'm a sucker for that sort of drumming though, so no surprise.

Returns to evil riff I don't like.

Bar 27, something isn't right, it sounds out of key or something. Just rethink that section in general.

Shred bit, fortunately has some melody to it, so I didn't mind it.

51 onwards, is good, the lead part goes well with it, and I like how it sort of builds up.

75, just sounds weird, but, not horrible. I think it'd be a bit cooler if you broke out into a heavier riff then.

The rest is just repetative. Either that or I'm to lazy to give it a proper listen. The fact I've gone over my bandwidth and have to wait forever for everything doesn't help.
I love that opening. The acoustic bit is great, and the way you bring the distortion in is great. However, the transition from bar 8-9 needs work. It's abrupt and it doesn't flow at all.

The riff itself is pretty standard fare, but the way you go out of it back into the clean part is great. The melody there is really good too.

Bar 27-34 is plain wrong. You're essentially playing an Esus2 arpeggio in a song that mostly avoids E altogether. Plus there's an F# in which you've been using F's before. You also really need to get the focus off the E as well. Maybe you could try building something around D, C, F, G. Or have it follow the chord changes of the main riff or something.

The solo you've got there is quite nice.

I really liked what you did at bar 51 the transition into it was fantastic, the tempo change actually sounded good. The buildup was a little too instant, and the tempo change at 75 sounded weird. I thought you could have led into it a little slower, but I liked the idea.

The next solo was also nice, and I liked that you returned to the main riff before ending it.

All in all I liked it. Except for that one (or two since it repeats) section that's totally out of key, you've got a great song.

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