At some point in the future I'm planning an Agile Interceptor as a backup 7. Although I'm not huge on floating bridges, it might be fun to have one of them of one of my guitars, so what the hell.

Thing is, I have an Ibanez with an Edge III, and the problems I had with it put me off floating trems, so I'm kind of apprehensive about getting a guitar with an LFR.

So does it stay in tune well? Will it last more than year without it crapping out on me like the Edge III did?

Here a Link to the guitar if you're interested-

Agile Interceptor Pro

Thanks guys
If it came to it, you could always swap it for an OFR at some point.
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oh man! that guitar is awesome
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I have an LFR on my jackson and it's doing fine. The only time I have to tune my guitar is when restringing.
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Agile are good for LFRs, as in they're perfect routes for OFRs.

I have an Agile with an LFR, and it's great, so far it hasn't gone out of tune with a new set of strings. Though, I haven't had it long at all.
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