Hi, I have a Epiphone Special II and its pissing me off. I spent 240 for the pack about 5 months ago. I was wondering is it work selling it for maybe 130 (I had it set up too for 70..) and buying an Agile 2000, which I have heard good things about, or just waiting the 3-4 years and upgrading to something more expensive (800 dollar range maybe?)

Or is this guitar good enough that in 3-4 years I won't need to upgrade (agile 2000, that is)

Oh, and I have no real plans to gig or anything, just more of a hobby.
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agile makes gorgeous high quality guitars for a fraction of the competing price. i have 2, and couldn't be happier with the quality. the agile will last you a few years, they're solid instruments.
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agile has a great rep and i sure they are way better quality than the epipi and im even think of getting some and i have gibby
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