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yeah i went to guitar center played it and fell in love with it. it feels good to play and i can really shred it up with it

It's beyond ugly.
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I LOVE it!

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I don't usually like Jacksons but that guitar is sexy
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Well it looks cool, if that's what you want to hear. I have always liked that RR shape.
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It even says "High Quality" in the title, so you KNOW it's quality
that pickguard is hideous.
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I don't usually like Jacksons but that guitar is sexy

Thats what i said when i grabbed it off the wall
I'd get it in trans black, much nicer.
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is this ur first soft tail cause then you get it first set up as soon as u get it and ask the dude who sets it up to give u a "lesson" in FR trem and dont change the strings by ur self if its ur first FR i did that screwed it all up ended up returning and buying a gibby SG
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Jackson RR3's are awsome trust me iv got one
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It's pretty cool, but good luck playing sitting down.

Its easy sitting down. just put the lower horn below your leg.
not a fan on V's or most radical shaped guitars, but i like the looks of it.
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i like it, jacksons are awsome guitars dude.
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looks beastly in a good way.
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i normally hate V shape guitars

but i must say, that looks like a pretty sweet guitar
Pretty sweet dude.

i love Jackson. I got an RR as well, but in polka dots.
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I generally dislike V shaped guitars, but the finish is godly.
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I like it a lot. I wouldn't really buy it if I had the cash, but that's because I'm in love with 7-strings and Explorers

Snatch it, mate! it's beautiful
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It's beyond ugly.


What's the model,TS?
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What's the model,TS?

TS did ask for opinions so opinions he shall receive.
ahh, the RR3...
i personally don't like the flashy paint jobs on those...

A - the scratchplate covers up half of it
B - the "canvas" on the rhoads V's is quite small compared to, say, a kelly
C - they charge quite a bit extra!

the transparant finishes aren't too bad...
each to their own, though...
neat finish. you have my vote
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pretty awesome and cool finish
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Its easy sitting down. just put the lower horn below your leg.

lol. sigged.
on topic: if you liked it, then buy it, by all means.
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that pickguard is hideous.


Looks great but bad fret access only thing i hate is the black hardware go Chrome baby!

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