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ESPN just aired a great interview on Mustaches and Jason Giambi and the mustache being the reason he is being voted into the Allstar game.

It got me thinking what are some great music mustaches.(Ive used the search bar and nothing but Stalin vs Hitler came up)

Here are a couple.

James Hetfield

Mikael Akerfeldt
Geezer Butler.
Tony Iommi.
Bill Ward.
Back when they had mustches.


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Lemmy Kilmister pwns all the bitches previously posted.

I dunno, Akerfeldts is pretty sweet, though lemmy's should have a god status all of its own
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touche. who wuzzit?

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OMG! smile_man, that was amazing.

EDIT: Does Mark Morton count?
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AJ...the former guitarist for Human Abstract...he had a funny mustache, maybe just cause it doesn't fit picture sorry.
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Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady
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the only ones i can think of are

Tony Iommi
Freddie Mercury
Frank Zappa
and Gezzer Butler...
I dont have a pic and i cant belive no one hasnt said him yet but Liam form Dillenger Escape plan

George Harrison

Edit: +1 for Freddie Mercury.

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WTF That Lemmy pic, he's playing a regular guitar, not a bass

Also, Serj Tankian.
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Pffffft, Greg Norton obviously

good to see other husker du fans on here. he was the first one that came to mind for me.
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