I finally decided a cheap half stack wasn't worth it and a tube combo would be a better choice...

I need something around $400 if possible ( could go a bit higher. ).
I will be buying used.
I play metal but in my band we play like Mars Volta kind of music so it's gotta be pretty versatile.
Peavey Valveking 112 combo, 50 watts, good distortion good cleans

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Coming soon: Egnater Tweaker

B-52 AT-112 all the way. Valveking is okay for the money, but the B-52 will get you better high gain tones IMO, andreally needs a speaker change and tube change, and many people here would agree with me. The B-52 can hit just about any tones you want.
Yea I second the B52. My other guitarist in my band has the head version. We play melodic metalcore type stuff and he's got a great tone out of it. I haven't heard him use any other tone distortion wise but according to him it's very versatile. The cleans are really good too. A disclaimer though. Something messed up with it in the power section so something only 15% of the power was getting through. Just thought I'd share that b/c he's the only one I know with a B52 and it's broken down on him. Don't know how relevant that is to their other products though.