the petals of this rose
they all fall to the floor
it whithers as it grows
wish i could ask for more
its time to take control
control of the south
commitment of the soul
turn on tune in blow out

so we step on in
and start to cause a riot
fight and steal and sin
and start to cause a riot
words just cant begin
weve got to cuase a riot
nobody can win
if we all start a riot

we'll come into your homes
through kicked down doors
set up in your basement
but be heard on all floors
fire up the amps
bust out the coors
come running in
get knocked to all fours
solstice has arrived
to leave you begging for more

so we come on in
and start to cause a riot
hurt and kill and grin
and start to cause a riot
(drum line)
cause a riot
cause a riot
weve got to cause a riot
I think the music will either make this a really great song, or an extremely pathetic song.

It's like the lyrics are making some pretty big claims, and the music is the thing to pull it off.

I really liked it, I can read some deep rooted political messages in there, but it's still all about the message.

makes me think of Rage against the Machine ... and that new song about riding my bike with no handlebars... that song is deep!