I am soon going to purchase an Ibanez TS9. I was wondering whether or not the Keeley mod is worth the extra $80. I have the Keeley wah pedal (quite by accident, actually), and I enjoy it alot.
well everyone seems pleased w/ the orig. i would save and use the extra 80 for something nice.
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It really depends on you. Some people would say yes, others would say you could buy something better for the same price. Some people would tell you not to bother. Its what your ears think. The stock TS9 isn't really that bad, and if you are handy at soldering you can do it yourself rather easily

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Well for starters you want the Maxon OD-9, as they use the original circuitry that they used when they made the pedals for Ibanez. Ibanez now use a different maker with less quality circuitry. Id also recommend an analogman mod too. They're not strong on the overdrive side of things as you probably know (applies to TS9 too), but are great for tightening up tone and adding extra gain
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