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5 13%
1 3%
0 0%
2 5%
5 13%
0 0%
14 37%
Never wouldnt do it
6 16%
I would just do it out of curiosity
5 13%
Voters: 38.
to suck off a shemale and then have sex
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus
Like I said before, for nothing.
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I'm stone broke, so I'd do it for £1000.

I'm not even ****ing kidding, it's a small price to pay for good moneys.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
yh i would do it like £5k. And bare in mind its just a random dude
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus
am i the only person that just wudnt do it?
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Oh my God. I've only laughed out loud on this site about 4 tiems since I signed up.

You have just created a 5th.

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for that you get the tower of lulz, with which you can reach the lulgods
I'd do it for free, literally.
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I would do it for 1mil. because If I was getting a mil out of it, why the hell not?
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*looks at the prices for dominos chicken and wedges combo, bottle of coke and belgian waffles*

Damn this is the wrong thread to be hungry in.
I'd rather you not pay me, then you can't call me a prostitute.
Actually I'm broke so I'll take what you'll give.
so tell me, shemales, are they guys or girls originally or can it be both ?

either way, i'd do it for a million.
I chose £10,000

Seeing as there's a slim chance I'll know them beforehand so I won't be attached to them and heck I like money.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.