So I have a 2 year old black goldendoodle, Her name is Loki and she escaped out the back gate today when I let her out to do her buisnes. I chaced her all around my area for about 20 minutes intill we made our way back home and she sat at the door to be let back in.
Usualy when the escapes we open up the car door and she goes in cause she loves car rides but there was no car today.
Pit my question is do you have any special method for catching your dog when they escape?


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I usually need to just bolt the fu*k after her and chase her down.. after I finally get close enough, I just drop on someone's lawn and she comes back over to see what's up. A whole song and dance.. an ugly dance.. I'm a big guy and I hate it.. more than broccoli..
My dog used to get under our gate and roam around the neighbourhood every time he went outside so we cut his balls off.
May sound weird, but I lay flat on my stomach and my dogs comes right to me. THinks I wanna play then BOOM got it.
My dogs like 16, running off is something we don't have to worry about.

Allthough there was a funny incedent yesterday with my step dad, they just got back form a walk in the pouring rain and he really HATES getting dried. So my step dad ended up chasing this 16 year old dog around the house, all it needed was The Benny Hill theme playingand it would've been perfect.

...Just felt like sharing.

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My dog used to get under our gate and roam around the neighbourhood every time he went outside so we cut his balls off.

this made me lol hard
Car door or treats usually do it. Or just jingling her leash, because she loves to go for walks (ironic, yes. but it works).
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I don't have a dog right now but I plan on getting one and when I do I'm going to make sure it listens when I tell it to not bark, and to follow me, and to not run away. That's how dogs should be.

And oh yeah, just use treats, dude. No dog can resist a slab 'o meat.
We're only strays.
My dog is too scared to go in front of the house cause last time she did she got hit by a car. Luckily she survived, but yeah all she could do right now is go in front and just run around without going away.

Food can help you in these situations.

There's this funny time, the side gate was opened, and there was two pretty old ladies walking on the sidewalk, like slowly. My dog saw them and immediatly started running at them. When she got near, they saw her and they were like, so scared, it was epic to see it. My dog almost climbed on one of them. Luckily we managed to stop my dog before anything too bad happened.
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