Hey everyone, Ive posted a new song on my bands myspace page entitled "The World We Knew" id appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Oh and feel free to listen to and crit the other two songs, "Our Grave" and "Conatus", any and all feedback is MUCH appreciated. THANK YOU!

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The link is:
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Epic pick slide there at the beginning!
Nice...not overly sappy melodic & not annoyingly harsh & grating.
Very good stuff....the only thing that I would've loved to hear, was a nice harmonized lead in or outro to the solo. Good solid, moshable, melodic metal...can't knock that, IMO.

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Very professional playing man!

I personally need a driving lead to get me into this kind of heavy music. My suggestion is that you may want to double track your rhythm guitar (record yourself once on the left then again for the right side). That way you can get a much full metallic sound.

Lead guitar needs to be brought up 2/3 DBs. Ya'll obviously have talent. You just need to work on producing a little bit fuller sound. The guitars just need to back the vocalist up a little bit more.

Not really my thing but i will try my best. The recording sounds very professional and the playing is very very tight.
I really like the backing vocal on conatus that sounds really dark.
dude i love the sound you have it reminds me of early iron maiden right as they got bruce dickinson to sing for them also i can here a judas priest influence and thank you for listening to my song i have a new one on there called Ride of the demon c4c and can you please rate it
I gave "The World We Knew" a listen. I love the guitar riffs and how well they work together. The vocals are a little loud for this recording, and they remind me of Slayer, and Cradle of Filth a little bit lol. They do sound good, however. Nice Solo also. The drums, i feel, could use a tad bit more treble, and perhaps some compression (more if it has some already).
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Overall the song is pretty cool. I liked the engery it has. I previous poster was right about the vocals and the treble on the drums. Everything sounds a little muffled and the vocals are slightly too loud. But the muffled sound could be due to the crappy myspace player.
The rhythm is enregetic and fun to listen to. The solo was short but sweet and the guitar tone fit in well. The drums were done well. My only suggestion is to polish the song up a little bit. Other than that...

Great song!!


Hey man thanks for the crit! The guitar riffs were well written in my opinion. I love the backing vocals but I felt as if the lead vocals were somewhat pitchy during more of the "singy" parts. I really enjoyed the song; beautiful double-bass usage in the drums... maybe boost the treble on them a tad?
Nice work. More bass on the guitar sounds. The riffs are good, but the mixing is not very good. Here's what I would have done different: Little higher tempo on intro, guitar sounds: bass to 10 and gain to 10, guitars +3 dB, vocals -1-2dB.

I actually enjoyed the song very much. The singing reminded me oh a combination of classical heavy metal and metalcore.

With these fixes (and couple others) it would be 5*, now it's 4*- not like it's bad song at all!

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The drums sound a bit wierd, specifically the high hat. THe guitars sound really good, especially the lead. The vocals aren't bad, though I think they should have been a bit lower in volume. The riffs are pretty cool, not too complicated. The screams/growls later on need work. The solo wasn't bad either, though I felt it could have been more interesting.

Overall, not bad
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thanks for the crit man.
listening as i crit- the intro reminded me of some bodom, love that melody thing you did! solid playing, and interesting riffs, i do agree with NR about the solo though, couldve been a bit more mixed up i guess, but what youve got there already isn't bad!
as for the mix, the vocals could come down a tad, and the bass drum (its a midi kit right?) needs to be a bit punchier, sounds a bit muddy at the moment