Well what should I do?

I've thought of a few things

I could very, very easily suck away the summer by playing an MMO.

I already play guitar 2 hours a day and I get bored after that.

I call my friends frequently but they have lives sadly and are not always there....and I don't have a hugggee number of people i talk to.

Video games get boring sometimes unless you wanna dish out a $60 every 3/12 days. (non RPG)

I've thought about making a free website, and getting ads so I could get some cash (I'm 13 can't find any jobs) and buy a gibson les paul studio, and a delay pedal...however that would be quite hard to do because the website buisness is quite a large one.

thought about playing the online MMO entropia, in which you earn real cash in the game, but you have to dish out quite a bit in order to earn it back...and put in more than a summer's worth of time...and have a better computer than I have.

So I'm stuck with this really

- Become a guitar god by practicing/playing guitar all day...
- Invite random friends over that I hardly ever talk to
- Play a MMORPG (tempting..right now only massive social discrimination is holding me back lol)
- Excercise....a lot.
- Some combination of these things.

help me out here...I would play an MMO but it is like quitting a drug and then going back to it...1 year later.

Last year my summer was super boring all I did was play guitar all day on go on UG lol
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I would play guitar/exercise in the morning. Possibly play some video games early afternoon, and then hang out with friends later afternoon/night.
Rinse, wash and repeat.

...or you could fap.
write songs - however write in a different style than you usually would. For example i've been writing a mixture of jazz folk type music and have been learning that type of style of playing rather than writing just plain metal. Oh yeah and exercise and play football (soccer).
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work out
find a hobby taht doesnt involve a sedentary lifestyle
play some guitar
learn some music theory
play some video games
find a girl
Buy a PS3 or XBOX 360?

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hmm well as of right now I generally wake up make tea, practice guitar (learning new scales right now,) play video games, sit around, play more video games, eat every once in a while, repeat

I probly should throw in some excercise...

me and my friends usually hang out during the day...I need a girlfriend lol

- wake up
- tea
- guitar
- excericise
- shower/swim
-call up people to hang out
- play video games
- hang out...eat
- sleep

I think that sounds good

EDIT: learning music theory is incorperated into my guitar time (1-2 hours usually)
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Wake up , Take a bath, eat, play guitar, exercise, eat, play guitar exercise, eat play guitar, talk on the phone or go out, take a bath , sleep ,play guitar as you sleep
then repeat , sounds pretty good to me